Why Surgent's Elite School of Gymnastics

Safety & Continuing Education

The most important decision in selecting a gymnastics school is choosing the safest environment for your child. Our 37-year track record for injury prevention is impeccable. We achieve this by making safety our #1 priority — from our owners and managers to our coaches and teachers. Our teachers are Nationally Safety Certified. This means we are certified on how to properly set up all the equipment for each age and ability, how to best prevent injuries and also how to spot complex gymnastics skills. “Spotting” is how we assist your child through skills in the early and middle learning phase of gymnastics. All our teachers keep current with the newest changes in safety, spotting and technique through in-house clinics, the USAG National Congress and online education.


We Specialize

Learning gymnastics is like learning a subject in school. To reach the higher levels of math like calculus or trigonometry, your children need to learn the basics of math correctly. Gymnastics is based on the same principle. Many times small gymnastics chains rotate their teachers between teaching Karate, Dance, Gymnastics and Sports Games. Our complete focus is to be the best at teaching gymnastics.


Family Owned and Operated

For 46 years we have been serving Union County’s children. We have taught over 70,000 children gymnastics. Our business philosophy is that customer service builds life-long relationships. This is the main reason why generations of families trust us as their home for gymnastics.


40 Teachers on Staff

Surgent’s Elite has over 40 gymnastics teachers and coaches on staff. Why is this important? Because each child has different psychological needs from a teacher. We want to foster your child’s individual personality. With 40 teachers to choose from, we feel we can provide the right match for each child’s personality. Having another gymnast as a role model is an important environmental learning tool in gymnastics. It is vital for children to be able to look around the gym and see higher level gymnastics. Not only does it give them a goal to shoot for but it diminishes their fear level.

4 Full-Scale Locations

All four of our locations have each of the Olympic events for both boys and girls. Because all four locations are 10,000 sq. ft. or larger, we have the luxury of offering multiple sets of the Olympic events. Each one is designed to train your child in a specific way. Events like the floor and vault develop leg strength. The bars and rings build arm strength. The beam and pommel horse improve balance. The trampolines develop air-awareness. Together, these events combine to give your child the best total body workout of any sport.