Benefits of Participation in Gymnastics Programs

ALL children benefit from classes and participation in gymnastics. Fitness is critical to the current and future health of our children. Gymnastics classes are full of activities that will make your child more fit and help keep them healthy. Gymnastic programs are not solely about creating gymnasts. Many of the benefits of gymnastics are NOT related to learning gymnastic skills, but more important developmental areas that will help your child become a better student and young adult. The areas listed below are a small sampling of the actual benefits from gymnastics.

Self-Esteem & Confidence
Through the challenge of learning gymnastics skills, the students gain confidence with each step that they take.  For the young child, where their world is more physical than mental, a great deal of their self-confidence comes from how coordinated they are. This improved self-confidence will transfer to other areas of their lives including school.

Non “Star” Athletes
Some children do not have the skills to be a “star” athlete in any sport. But in gymnastics we can control their progress and challenges. Children who are a little weaker, a little overweight and/or a little less flexible can all find success with our terrific, caring gymnastics teachers. EVERY child can benefit from gymnastics.

Hard Work Ethic
In gymnastics, kids have to earn the skills through hard work. We just can’t give just give the gymnastics skills to them. This hard work shows the children that the more they work the more they learn.

Participation in gymnastics helps the athletes become more flexible, enhancing competency in other sports. Flexibility also helps limit injuries.

Social Skills
Especially for the younger ones, gymnastics affords a weekly opportunity to learn about social skills like listening, following directions, taking turns, being quiet, respecting others and a lot more. There are rules in gymnastic classes and the teachers treat these rules as being very important. The more positive discipline the children receive the safer they will be.

Overcoming Fears
Some parts of gymnastics are very challenging. We challenge them with “attainable challenges” so that they are successful the majority of the time. To face a challenge, overcome fear, and then accomplish the challenge is a wonderful part of gymnastics classes and it happens all the time.