Freestyle Gymnastics Classes

1 hour class

Ages 5 to 18
$29.00 a class

About Our Program

Freestyle Gymnastics is the name adopted by British Gymnastics to describe a fantastic new, exciting and rapidly growing sport which incorporates gymnastics, tumbling and vaulting. Its popularity is soaring in the gymnastics world because of its X Games edge. Former gymnasts love Freestyle gymnastics because the sport is not bound by the traditional structure of competitive gymnastics. It offers the freedom, individuality and creativity in the tumbling and vaulting movements. We offer Freestyle gymnastics for ages 5 to 18.


Added Benefits of Freestyle Gymnastics

  • Kinestetic air awareness
  • Flexibility
  • Total body strength development
  • Balance
  • Team Building Skills

Class Format

  • 10 minutes of stretch/light strength.
  • 20 minutes of basic tumbling technique
  • 20 minutes of tumbling and vaulting stations using the spring floor, power tumbling floor, trampolines, tumble Trak, Bungee belt system, foam block pit and vaulting table
  • 10 minutes of obstacle course competitions inspired by the hit T.V. show “American Ninja Warrior”
Our gym has customized equipment inspired by the TV show AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR including:
  • Vaulting Blocks
  • Rock Wall
  • Mini-Warped Wall
  • Circuit Board
  • Floating Board
  • Rings, Monkey Bars
  • Vertical and Horizontal Peg Board
  • Jig Saw
  • Rig Toss
  • Floating Stairs
  • Traversing Ropes
  • Climbing Ropes
  • Mini-Trampolines
  • Spring Boards
  • Foam Block Pit
  • Zip Line
  • Tumbling Floors


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